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Rob Williams

There has never been a time (since I was 14) that I havenít owned a motorbike of one sort or another. Road riding a necessity due to cost initially quickly led to the speed freak within heading towards racing.

I started scrambling and then turned to grass track for a number of years. Club racing and National/International sidecars being my area of greatest achievement, but for the best buzz ever, sidecar speedway was tried for a season too.

By the time Mo and I got together I had moved on to road racing, again with an outfit and we ran in the Formula II class, CBR600 engine in an Ireson frame.

I decided  to give mini moto sidecars a go having seen a demonstration at Mallory a couple of years ago, unfortunately the British round meant miles of travelling.

Track days at Pembrey have become a regular fun day out over the last 5 years. Hill climbs had to be done solo last year after Mo got damaged by the flipping of the outfit in 2008.



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